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336 420 B
accessR (banoslo)
Use R with PSPad. You can process the active file in editor with R. You can send the active selection to R. Now, you will gain the 2 major functions of programs like tinn-R.
2 570 B
ANY_TAG_CLOSE_2 (karminski)
Automatically (Ctrl-.) (Ctrl-Key plus Dot-Key) closing (X)HTML, XML, XSL and any arbitrary pair tag. This is bugfix release for Serge Balance 'any_tag_close' extension. Version 1.7.1 works fine in PSPad 4.5.5 beta.
552 B
Append to clipboard (MrSpock)
A rather trivial script that appends the text currently selected in the editor to the text on the clipboard. Requires PSPad build or higher.
953 B
ASCII Set 32-255 Generator (joatmon)
Script to generate printable set of ASCII Characters. Generates characters 32 to 255. Used for Font Design and Testing.
5 351 B
ASP - Insert SQL statement (update - v0.4) (james.swan)
Connects to a database and inserts a code block (ASP/VBScript syntax) based on the selected table's column names into the active document.
3 475 B
BracketFormat (v0.2 2007-11-22) (hofl)
This (user-)script formats a braket-structure in a for human readable style. Known brackets are "{" and "}". Brackets in quotes, in comment-blocks ("//" or "/*...*/") and excaped ones will ignored by the script.
1 459 B
Bulk Copy Files (joatmon)
A script to copy files in bulk using PSPad. Usage: Source Full Path and File Name and Extension, Destination Full Path (File Name and Extension optional), Overwrite. Delimiter "|". Full Instructions are incorporated as comments in the script.
1 107 B
Ĉapeligu (Tedehur)
Replaces strings 'cx', 'gx', 'hx', 'jx', 'sx' and 'ux' by the HTML code of the equivalent esperanto special character, respectively ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ and ŭ. Script is based on Jason's 'FilterQuotes'.
213 332 B
Code Formatter for PSPad (Marshall)
Code Formatter for PSPad - Enable use AStyle (Artistic Style) with PSPad
1 693 B
codeHeader (pypardo)
This extension let you switch automatically from cpp files to related h file, but can be configured to handle each kind of extensions. New release handle new pspad log window.
6 590 B
Comments (Maleval)
Wrap a selection with HTML comments, multi-lines comments or single line comment. If there is no selection, comments are inserted at the cursor position. Can also remove comments tags only or all comments.(French, English, Spanish, German)
1 350 B
Convert Row To Block (joatmon)
A script to convert selected text to a block. If NO text is selected then all text will be converted. Input prompt Defaults: Column width (10), Left Pad length (0).
600 B
Count Characters (james.swan)
Counts the number of characters in the selected text of the active document.
863 B
Count Words (james.swan)
Counts the number of words in the selected text of the active document. (This version is written using VBScript and Regular Expressions. If the previous JavaScript version is installed then it must be deleted before installing this one)
1 063 B
Create Tag (james.swan)
Converts the word left of the cursor into a tag and places the cursor between them. If the word ends with a blank space then no closing tag is added. If the word ends with a "." then an xml/xhtml style non-closing tag is added.
1 175 B
Cue Sheet to Label File Convertor (rsbrux)
CueSheetConvert.js converts cuesheets into Audacity label file format. ConvertCuesheetToLabels() converts the current file open in PSPad. ConvertCuesheetProjectToLabels() converts all .cue files in the loaded project, but only in PSpad 4.5.2.
5 686 B
Database access (pspad)
Přístup do databáze pomocí skriptu v PSPadu. Stručný manuál a popis funkcí najdete ve skriptu
10 904 B
Database access (DonQuichote)
A database menu for PSPad. Execute queries through ODBC, escape strings for use with SQL statements, and find table names from SQL strings within code. The ODBC string is set in the top part of the script, so just edit it to configure it. Beware: VB
509 B
del-begin-best (Serge Balance)
Delete from cursor position to the begining of line. Ctrl-F11 as in UltraEdit editor.
517 B
del-end (Serge Balance)
Delete from cursor position to the end of line. Ctrl-K as in FAR editor. For Ctrl-K working you should unregister it from Reformat Paragraph. Any case that option always inactive.
498 B
del-end-best (Serge Balance)
Delete from cursor position to the end of line. Ctrl-K as in FAR editor. For Ctrl-K working you should unregister it from Reformat Paragraph.
843 B
del-end-safe (Serge Balance)
Delete to the end of line more slow but more safe than del_end. This version works fine in any WordWrap state.
529 B
Delete Extra Lines (mvoyles)
JScript that uses a regular expression to remove extra new lines that might be generated by a paste operation.The regular expression can be modified to do other things.
518 B
dir2html (MrSpock)
A very basic link list generator. It generates a list of links to all the files in a specified folder. Could use a few more options. We'll see ...
625 B
DirFiles (arfelon)
This extension creates a list of all files from user defined directory recursively.
17 820 B
DMIS for Werth (vit stepanek)
Balíček skriptů značně usnadňujících práci s rozsáhlejšími DMIS programy na strojích Werth. Umožňuje skoky na definici volaného makra (kdekoliv v souborech projektu), skoky na "JUMPTO" labely, krokování po makrech v souboru či opraven
388 B
DuplicateDoc (devrjason)
Duplicates the active document.
4 999 B
EncryptJS (v1.0, 2007-10-12) (hofl)
This userscript creates an encrypted version of your javascript-file and generates a small labyrinth of encrypted js-files around it. An example is part of the ZIP-file. Script is cancelable now.
4 242 B
FileSystem.vbs (gogogadgetscott)
' Available functions: ' ' Execute - Same as menu File > Open file appointed by selection. ' Execute File - Same as menu Start > Run. ' Open folder - Open file's parent folder with default file manager. i.e. explorer ' Create Folder ' Open i
1 558 B
fillcols (ckx)
Fillcols replaces a rectangular selection of text with either fill characters or number sequences. Further instructions are in the header of the file.
442 B
FilterLines (pspad)
Umožňuje do nového dokumentu vyfiltrovat řádky z označeného textu, obsahující nebo neobsahující zadaný text/výraz. Nejsem autorem tohoto rozšíření.
601 B
FilterQuotes (devrjason)
Converts 'smart' quotes created by Microsoft Word into normal quotes.
48 113 B
Hots (alesc)
Hots enable use of ctags in PSPad editor. In current version 0.6 setup wizard enhancements(install/uninstall/repair/upgrade), Windows 7 support, bug fixes. Go to to download package ready to install
1 990 B
HTML AutoInclude (TPatt)
Updates the contents of each of the project's HTML files with comment-delimited blocks from within an "include.html" file.
1 493 B
html-page-weight (Serge Balance)
Calculate overall weight of edited in PSPad html file with linked files. Ctrl-Alt-Q by default. Additionally put all counted links to Log-window.
1 176 B
HTML-TOOLS (beta) (MatteoNigro)
Generic tools to speed up writing code html. TABLE MAKER (CTRL + T):Automatically generates a table by asking the user the number of rows and columns. LIST MAKER (Ctrl + <):Automatically generates a list by asking the user for their style and...
10 742 B
ingkcpos (v0.7) (hankejh)
Enhances native CTRL + (SHIFT) + RIGHT/LEFT cursor position behavior modeled on UltraEdit/TextPad. Current or selected lines can be moved using CTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN. Report bugs/etc at
8 537 B
Insert Info Header (update - v0.6) (james.swan)
Inserts commented header information into the top of the active file with the filename, username, and dates automatically inserted. See the header of the script for further details and configuration.
2 857 B
JavaScript code beautifier (MrSpock)
A code beautifier for JavaScript and similar c-like languages. Original version by Lorin Thwaits, see
9 530 B
js_beautify (Mango_lier)
The ultimate JavaScript beautifier Two plugins for beautifying minimized javascript. The javascript and the php beautifier was taken from the excellent work done by Einars "elfz" Lielmanis (
2 546 B
js_encode (MrSpock)
Adds several HTML/JavaScript specific encoding and decoding mechanisms to PSPad. Escape_HTML_Special() function added by Nelson. New version July 2011. Thanks to Nikolay Klinachyov.
723 B
js_eval (MrSpock)
Adds an option to evaluate the highlighted expression via the JScript eval method. The result can be output in three different ways. This can be handy for simple tests, but also as a calculator. - Improved version January 2007.
10 475 B
jScriptingPHPtoolbox (vortex)
In here are tools for php and running PSPad on a usb drive Lots of code for scripting in javascript hope you enjoy
40 020 B
JSLint for PSPad v.3.6.1 (wimb)
The JavaScript Verifier v3.6.1. Based on fulljslint.js ( from 2010-04-06, by Douglas Crockford.
1 685 B
JSPacker (Janghou)
A Javascript packer. This script will automatically compress your js file with two compressors: the Yahoo compressor and PHP Packer of Dean Edwards. It will also gzip files for comparison. See the header of the script for further details and config.
1 906 B
Julian Dates (joatmon)
Utility to Convert between date formats and display in Log Window as well as place on the Clipboard. * Standard Date to Julian Date; * Serial Date to Julian Date; * Julian Date to Standard Date; * Julian Date to Serial Date.
4 325 B
Language Tools (MrSpock)
Language tools for dictionary files. A set of rather simple scripts that can automatically add inflection suffixes to a list of words (provided they are inflected according to the same paradigm). ReadMe included.
1 106 B
LastModified (barbe bleue)
Generates a list of all files in a project sorted in reverse order by last modification date. Useful to retrieve the last changes you made and what files really need to be uploaded - without forgetting any
564 B
Link to clipboard (MrSpock)
This converts the selected text to a HTML link to the URL on the clipboard. For example, if you have on the clipboard and select "PSPad" in the editor, you get <a href="">PSPad</a>. Requires PSPad build 2291
448 B
ListToCSV (kimgkimg)
Converts a list of multiple lines to a single line of items separated by commas. eg. alpha beta gamma to "alpha,beta,gamma" Useful when having to create CSV lists of items for things like SQL queries.
622 B
Lock All (devrjason)
Inverts the "Read Only" status of every open tab. Updated July 3rd, 2007
2 627 B
LRK Utils (edo_nick)
Check timing - kontroluje správnosť časovania v súboroch LRK, kontroluje problémy časovania, ktoré môžu vzniknúť konverziou do formátu LRC pomocou Lyrik pluginu. Shift timing - posunie časy o zadanú hodnotu v milisekundách (+/-).
6 989 B
MikesTodos (mmertsock)
Configurable to-do list manager. Track your daily to-do items, goals, and notes in a fexible, highly readable file format, and automatically keep a daily log of accomplishments. Readme file includes instructions and a sample to-do file.
2 071 B
Mod 10 and 97 Check Digit (joatmon)
Script to generate Mod 10 and Mod 97 Check Digits from a list of Valid Reference Numbers. Test numbers are provided in Script.
2 317 B
Multiple Paste (james.swan)
Pastes the selected text block a given number of times, each time on a new line and replaces any insertion markers in the text with either an incrementing number or a value from a comma delimited list.
1 574 B
Multiple search and replace (catan85)
This script searchs & replaces a list of strings into the selected text. The list of strings to be replaced is stored into an external text file.
5 129 B
MyAddons.vbs (gogogadgetscott)
' Available functions: ' ' Find ' Replace - Uses Regular Expressions and correctly handles newline (\n) searches. ' HTML list items - Adds li tags at beginning and end of each selected line. ' Find To Dos - Automates search in files to display
New Cpp class...
4 033 B
New Cpp class 0.2 (alesc)
Create new class files(cpp, h) and optionally use PSPad templates as content for the files. Script searches for <sourceBasename>, <headerBasename>, <className>, <baseClassName>, <sourceFilename>, <headerFilename> strings in the template to replace with us
875 B
New Line Helper (mvoyles)
Will help with new lines and character issue. Subexpressions still work.
3 075 B
Open Linked File (update - v0.3) (james.swan)
Gets the HREF|SRC|ACTION|FILE|VIRTUAL attribute of the tag that the cursor is resting in and opens the file. If a file path or a part thereof is selected then this will also be treated as a relative path on the local machine/network
4 787 B
Openfile 1.011 (holger)
Modified Version of James Swans Version is able to search in a given list of Paths for the filename marked in editor (relative).
16 722 B
phpStylist 1.0 (mrmilk)
Format, clean-up, beautify and standardize your php code with a comprehensive set of 34 options. A single 50Kb file that will highly improve the quality of your code. 3 operation modes: web interface, command line and PSPad integration.
37 785 B
phReplace (v1.4.2) (phdesigner)
phReplace is a multiline search and replace addon for PSPad with regular expression support. More information available here:
15 557 B
Projectrefresh 5.002 (holger)
Functions to rewrite an existing project: Multipathsearch, Extensionfilter, Aliases for projects folders, Exclusionfilters, Subfolderdefinition+grouping, Sortoptions, Settings save; See more at,40224,54067,p#msg-54067
30 139 B
Proto (RussWilliams)
Proto is a script to help in writing programs. It looks up code snippets in a database of keyword - snippet pairings and inserts the corresponding snippet in the file being edited.
2 885 B
RegReplace (1.1, 2010-08-23) (hofl)
This script was made to enable the support for new-line-character while replacing text using regulare expressions. It was made, because of: missing feature in PSPad and adminrights-requirering DLL-install of phReplace.
1 438 B
ResolveXmlPath (v1.0 2010-08-27) (hofl)
This script returns an XPath-like string (with or without namespace) of a focused element in a xml-file. (Place the cursor into the element to focus it)
509 B
runCMD (Run External Command) (jsherk)
This will allow you to specify an external command to be run by cmd.exe (ms-dos window). You can specify whether ms-dos window stays open or closes after the command completes, and also whether window is visible or hidden. Run single or multiple commands.
64 357 B
SAS utils (ckx)
A set of utility scripts for using PSPad with SAS programs. The zip file contains scripts for running SAS in batch mode (and automatically opening the log and lst files), for inserting date, file name, SAS comments, for getting a list of SAS macros in the
2 233 B
Save Backup File (update - v0.2) (james.swan)
Saves a backup copy of the active document with the date attached as a prefix to the file name.
3 181 B
Save/Insert Snippet (james.swan)
The zip file contains 2 scripts which will save/insert code snippets using a directory directly under PsPad's root directory
371 B
SaveCopy (devrjason)
Saves a copy of the active document into a new file while keeping the original file open.
793 B
sel_word (Serge Balance)
Select word under cursor. Hotkey Ctrl-Shift-W. Exactly word!
664 B
Sort Array Line (n4cer)
Perl users are often having arrays with many words in one line, as quotewords (QW) or quoted. Then it would be great to have those elements sorted for better code overview. This script shall help you. Just mark the contents within the brackets and run
10 125 B
source code control (DonQuichote)
Access to source code control systems: Micrsoft SouceSafe (tested with 6.0), CVS and Subversion. This package contains a script for each: SsPsConn.vbs for SourceSafe, cvscmd.vbs for CVS, svncmd.vbs for Subversion. They are also maintained in the subv
2 842 B
SQL Format (pspad)
Skript pro přeformátování SQL kódu. Rozbalte archiv a soubor uložte jej do podadresáře .\Script\JScript. Autor: AnySoft Informatica Marcelo Leite (aka Mr. Milk)
20 782 B
SQL Functions (msweeney)
Scripts for querying any ODBC or OLEDB Databases, primarily SQL Server. Additional functions for creating SQL Insert statements and generating text based upon SQL statements. Also able to parse text records and generate text.
901 B
Swap symbols (Serge Balance)
Swap symbols around cursor by Ctrl-Alt-K. For easy editing typo like yse->yes
2 090 B
tag_close (Serge Balance)
Automatic closing pair html tag. Ctrl-. (Ctrl-dot) If html around cursor position incorect - report about it.
881 B
Text to List (james.swan)
Converts the selected text into an HTML list
1 770 B
Text to Table (update - v0.3) (james.swan)
Converts the selected text into an HTML table.
716 B
Text to Url (Zerosurf)
Converts the selected text into an URL
1 842 B
To-Do List Viewer (BadBoy)
Carney's ToDoListJS script heavily improved and enhanced. Now includes searching for ToDos in open projects, an open file or all open files. Bug reported in,50573,50573#msg-50573 also fixed.
4 559 B
ToDoListJS v1.10 (pshentsoff)
Some new usefull functionality added to this simple todos collector script. Also added syntax highlighting settings INI-file for todos list files.
2 819 B
VBScript Indent - Updated 17.Feb.2015 (MARO)
Indent and beautify your VB-Script code. Before using make sure that the code contains no open expressions (like "For" without "Next") since otherwise you will get an error message. Now supports also real tabs! See Readme.txt for more info.