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Extension list in the category "syntax definition"
895 B
ADA (pspad)
ADA language
5 344 B
Ansys (francheu)
Updated version of Ansys.ini (Mechanical analysis)
3 862 B
Arena (MrSpock)
Arena is a light-weight scripting language with a syntax and library similar to that of ANSI C, but with automatic memory management.
9 581 B
AS3 (feef)
ActionScript3 syntax file.
1 512 B
Avisynth (MrSpock)
Syntax highlighter for Avisynth, based on what I could gather from their web site. Might be incomplete.
6 050 B
CMake (Fraser)
CMake based on version 3.0.0.
1 793 B
COBOL Mainframe Syntax (julianbiggio)
A COBOL highlighter like MAINFRAME. Installation: 1) Copy the file COBOL_AIX.INI to the "Color" folder in the pspad folder. 2) Go to Options/Highlighters Settings 3) Select COBOL 4) In the color scheme select COBOL_AIX
50 297 B
Code V (francheu)
Syntax, clips, scripts and color scheme for Code V (optical design), updated 05/2014 for version 10.6 SR1
1 325 B
DMIS for Werth - syntax (vit stepanek)
Syntax file of DMIS language for measuring machines Werth
3 173 B
Fortran90 (Cypresslin)
Fortran90 syntax (based on PGF90 User's Manual). Highlighter setting based on the vim color scheme. After unzipping this file, you'll get: Fortran90.ini syntax file and FortranCustom.ini color scheme file. Uploaded: Feb.15 2011
649 B
GameMonkey (MrSpock)
GameMonkey is a scripting language that is intended especially for use in games, but suitable for use in any project that requires simple scripting support. The syntax is very similar to C. See
Microsoft Eff...
3 166 B
HLSL Highlighter (thedmd)
High Level Shading Language (HLSL) highlighter. Language using for writing shaders for modern GPUs. This version is compatibile with effect files up to version 2.0. It mean, it contains all things form shader model 1.x to 2.x. It is based on DirectX
9 912 B
HTML 5 (Marshall)
Color, Context, Syntax and Template for HTML 5 (Beta)
1 143 B
iCalendar (hedderley)
iCalendar Syntax Definition
1 108 B
iMacros (BadBoy)
User highlighter for the iMacros web automation scripting language for Firefox and IE.
7 363 B
JavaFX (feef)
JavaFX syntax file. All classes and functions from JavaFX 1.2.1 API
1 299 B
KiXtart 4.60 (@msterdam)
KiXtart is a logon script processor and enhanced batch scripting language for computers running Windows. This version of the PSPad User Highlighter Syntax definition is up-to-date for KiXtart version 4.60
1 585 B
KLone (koanlogic)
Add syntax highlighting for .kl1 and .klx files, i.e. KLone web server dynamic scripts.
6 438 B
Light Tools (francheu)
Syntax file for Light Tools (photometric analysis), updated 05/2014 for version 8.1
Lotus Formula...
3 847 B
Lotus Formula (bjornhb)
Lotus Notes formula language syntax high-lighting. (Bugs: Could not highlight @-prefix. Only single-line REM.)
6 825 B
Maxima (francheu)
Syntax file for Maxima (maths)
23 390 B
Omni-bot (MrSpock)
Syntax definition for Omni-bot scripts. (Omni-bot is a bot extension for the game 'Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory' and other fps games.)
Oracle SQL Lo...
893 B
Oracle SQL Loader (hedderley)
Syntax Definition for Oracle SQL Loader Control Files.
123 272 B
PHP (ashus)
Version 2.1 Updated PHP definition file (downloaded directly from documentation at on 05/14/2013). Contains functions and updated parameterers for PHP 5.4/6. Put it in your Context folder.
8 089 B
POV-Ray (francheu)
Syntax and clips for POV-Ray (3D raytracing renderer)
6 659 B
Scilab (francheu)
Updated version of Scilab.ini (mathematics)
61 384 B
Script-fu (Lived)
Context and syntax for Script-Fu, scripting extension for the GIMP.
1 779 B
SpeedCrunch (francheu)
Syntax and clip file for SpeedCrunch (calculator).
1 907 B
SVG syntax (Janghou)
Syntax file for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) (svg.ini)
67 B
SweeTS - delicious TypoScript development. (Bart)
SweeTS is a development enviroment for TypoScript - the template language of the content management system TYPO3. SweeTS is developed for creating search engine friendly custom websites based on the CMS Typo3. Visit for download.
1 510 B
VBS todamax (damax)
PSPad features an built-in VBS syntax highlighter but I found several bugs in it, so I started my own definition file. It features most VBS internal functions and constants as Keywords. NOT FINAL, ANY SUGGESTIONS WELCOME
35 887 B
Windows PowerShell (naputtelija)
Syntax definition and clip files for Windows PowerShell 4. All aliases, cmdlets and operators and are included in syntax definition file.
1 224 B
WindowsPowerShell (pesek72)
File DEF for WindowsPowerShell v.1.0
Xilinx constr...
829 B
Xilinx constraints (kohoutl)
Syntax definition for Xilinx FPGA\'s constraints description (*.ucf).
137 732 B
Yana Framework Highlighter and snippets (marcusson)
The "Yana Framework" is a component framework for PHP. This package contains syntax highlighting and code snippets for php files, Yana's configuration files, databases, virtual directories, Smarty's and Yana's template functions and modifiers.
728 B
Z80 Assembler (maleuma)
Z80 assembler language for CP/M. I have enhanced the Z80.INI file with some keywords and reserved words for the Assemblers ASM.COM (robotron), M80.COM (Microsoft) and SLRZ80 (SLR Systems)
22 094 B
Zemax (francheu)
Syntax and clips for Zemax (optical design), updated 05/2014 for version 2013