PSPad - external help resources

This section contains links to help files. These can be integrated into PSPad easily via the Highlighter Settings menu, accessible from PSPad's Settings menu. From there, select the language or script that the help file refers to from the left pane, and the Specification tab from the right pane. You must then specify the path to the help file.
PSPad is able to integrate with .HLP and .CHM files.
Invoking the help file is done by placing the cursor on the word you are interested in and pressing ALT+F1.

For older versions of Windows, support for HTML help (.CHM files) needs to be installed. If HTML support is not already installed, download and install it from Microsoft

If you want to use new installation packages (.MSI files) on older systems, you will need to install the Microsoft Installer for W9x, WinME or WinNT

Help files resource

PSPad online help
PSPad online documentation (thanks to gogogadgetscott)

Link to TiDy configuration.

After installation you will need the HTMLRef.chm file. Before downloading it, have a look at the \ Windows \ Help directory, as it might already be there

After installation you will need the VBS55.CHM file located in \ Program Files \ Microsoft Windows Script \ VBSdocs \

VBscript and Jscript
After installation you will need the VBscript5.chm and JScript5.chm files. Both will be found in \ Application data \ Microsoft \ AddIns \ Script Help \ 1033 \

Open this link and download the last file in the list. After unpacking, the required file is manual.hlp

The first link is for direct download, the second link points to a download web page. Because manuals are updated constantly, it is a good idea to check if a newer version is available from time to time.

DocBook HTML help file from Jiri Kosek (link is on the bottom of the page)

Python 2.4.4 and 2.5 HTML help

Links for download

VRML 97 help

JAVA 1.3
Thinking in Java 1.3

CHM help is part of MS XML SDK