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PSPad - current version 4.5.9 (2600) - 01 March 2015

Full program version including English help file. PSPad does not require installation, it can be simply unpacked into any directory. The archive contains subdirectories and must be unpacked with subdirectory preservation enabled. Desktop and Start menu links, as well as system integration can be later created by choosing Program Settings/System Integration from PSPad's Settings menu and selecting the appropriate checkboxes. Everything is user controllable. Also available is an installer version that will automatically perform all of these tasks according to user preference.

The distribution does not contain spellcheck dictionaries. However, these can be downloaded freely from the bottom of this page.

This is the latest full version, but PSPad development continues. PSPad beta versions are published in the PSPad developer forum. If you discover a problem, please have a look at the beta forum first to ensure that the issue has not been addressed already.

MD5 checksums:
68050531070D663B44CE55645273B6DD  pspad459inst_en.exe

I hereby declare, that PSPad installer, downloaded from PSPad page, doesn't contains any bundled software or malware. PSPad installer and PSPad.exe itself is digitaly signed with code signing certificate, issued by Comodo certification authority.

Spell-check dictionaries

Dictionaries for the spell-checker.

After downloading, unpack and save the file in the .\PSPad\Spell\ directory (you may have to create it if it doesn't already exist). Then proceed to the Settings\Spell Settings menu and select the installed dictionary.

- Dictionaries are updated from time to time. Older versions can be deleted without problems.



TopStyle CSS editor
PSpad easily integrates with the free version of this top CSS editor.

The trial version contains the free TopStyle Lite version which stays fully functional.

MS Win95 support

PSPad 4.2.5
The last PSPad editor version that supports MS Windows 95.

Download and install this library if you encounter problems with Windows controls (e.g. buttons). Common Control library updates are automatically installed with new MS products (IE, Office ...)

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