PSPad - external resources

This section contains links to compiler related resources.

In general, PSPad can be configured to integrate with any compiler. For instructions(with examples), please refer to the relevant chapters in the PSPad documentation:

  • Customize PSpad / Highlighter settings / Compiler
  • Customize PSpad / Highlighter settings / Compiler / Examples

PSPad - external compilers resources

List of compilers and compiler search engine

Free compilers

Many links and tools. One of the best sites

Programming languages and resources - compilers, IDE...

Java Runtime Environment and Platform Edition


LibXML - A package containing tools suitable for work with XML documents. XMLint is a prerequisite


File-Extensions - one of the bigest file extension databases and file formats.

Remove White Spaces

Online tool to remove extra white spaces, tabs in a string or text.

Links with interesting resources. If you want to see your link on this page, contact me at

Useful resources