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Extension list in the category "user convertors"

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Cyrillic converters (Lived)
Three converters, between three cyrillic codepages: cp866(DOS)<->cp1251(WIN), cp866(DOS)<->koi8r(*NIX), cp1251(WIN)<->koi8r(*NIX).
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German ANSI x ASCII (pspad)
Removes accented chars from a German text
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ISO-8859-2 x Win1250 (pspad)
User convertor definition. It converts content of the editor from ISO-8859-2 to Windows 1250 and back
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MacWin.ini (Boodlums)
Converts between MacRoman and Windows-1252, for the characters that exist in both.
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qwerty converter (Serge Balance)
Convert text accidentally typed in wrong keyboard layout
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Russian win-1251 dos-866 (Serge Balance)
Converter between two Russian codepages Win-cp1251 and DOS-866. Like Format-OEM but can convert selected text and do conversion on the fly. So you can edit OEM files in natural ANSI. Converting only alphbet signs, no pseudographics.
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UnicodeEntityHex (nullbarriere)
UnicodeEntityDezimal and UnicodeEntityHex both have appr. 250 unicoded entities converting things like „|„(dec) or „|„(hex) I made them because I had to reuse blog entries from which doesn\'t offer export funktionality.
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URL Encoding (Marshall)
Allows you to convert content between its unencoded and encoded forms. URL encoding of a character consists of a \"%\" symbol, followed by the two-digit hexadecimal representation (case-insensitive) of the ISO-Latin code point for the character.
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Win2Koi8 (Svan)
User convertor definition. It converts content of the editor from Windows 1251 to Koi8-R and back.
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WindowsPowerShell (pesek72)
File INI for WindowsPowerShell v.1.0.