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Skritpy rozbalit do adresáře Script a podadresáře odpovídajícího jazyku (*.VBS do VBScript, *.JS do JScript, ...), konvertory patří do adresáře Convert, definice syntaxe do adresare Syntax.

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10 125 B
source code control (DonQuichote)
Access to source code control systems: Micrsoft SouceSafe (tested with 6.0), CVS and Subversion. This package contains a script for each: SsPsConn.vbs for SourceSafe, cvscmd.vbs for CVS, svncmd.vbs for Subversion. They are also maintained in the subv
2 842 B
SQL Format (pspad)
Skript pro přeformátování SQL kódu. Rozbalte archiv a soubor uložte jej do podadresáře .\Script\JScript. Autor: AnySoft Informatica Marcelo Leite (aka Mr. Milk)
20 782 B
SQL Functions (msweeney)
Scripts for querying any ODBC or OLEDB Databases, primarily SQL Server. Additional functions for creating SQL Insert statements and generating text based upon SQL statements. Also able to parse text records and generate text.
901 B
Swap symbols (Serge Balance)
Swap symbols around cursor by Ctrl-Alt-K. For easy editing typo like yse->yes
2 090 B
tag_close (Serge Balance)
Automatic closing pair html tag. Ctrl-. (Ctrl-dot) If html around cursor position incorect - report about it.
881 B
Text to List (james.swan)
Converts the selected text into an HTML list
1 770 B
Text to Table (update - v0.3) (james.swan)
Converts the selected text into an HTML table.
716 B
Text to Url (Zerosurf)
Converts the selected text into an URL
1 842 B
To-Do List Viewer (BadBoy)
Carney's ToDoListJS script heavily improved and enhanced. Now includes searching for ToDos in open projects, an open file or all open files. Bug reported in,50573,50573#msg-50573 also fixed.
4 559 B
ToDoListJS v1.10 (pshentsoff)
Some new usefull functionality added to this simple todos collector script. Also added syntax highlighting settings INI-file for todos list files.
2 819 B
VBScript Indent - Updated 17.Feb.2015 (MARO)
Indent and beautify your VB-Script code. Before using make sure that the code contains no open expressions (like "For" without "Next") since otherwise you will get an error message. Now supports also real tabs! See Readme.txt for more info.
10 031 B
XMLFormat (1.3, 2007-10-12) (hofl)
XMLFormat is useful to format xml-structures into a well "readable" format. It is possible to define the indenting via dialog and to format selected text-fragments only. It works on the whole file or only on selected pieces. En-/Decoding of special char

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